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We are OPEN and providing care to ESTABLISHED and NEW patients at Dragonfly Medical and Behavioral Health

Telehealth Requirement: Participating in Telehealth requires that you have a mobile or computer device with video and voice chat ability.


All new and re-establishing patients must come to the clinic for their appointment. We will have a Telehealth device for you if you do not have one. You may have your appointment in the office, in your car or at your location. We can accept money orders, cashiers checks, debit or credit and some insurance.


All established patients (patients coming weekly, bi-weekly or monthly on a regular basis and have not missed appointments) will be able to use a Telehealth device at our clinic if you do not have one. You may also use your phone or computer from home to participate in Telehealth appointments. You may pay using your debit or credit card by texting the information to us at 423-588-9978.

To start a Telehealth call with; Dr. Caffrey, Dr. Lisa, Dr. Reach and Dr. Love, you will need to ensure we have all the appropriate forms in our office and you have provided payment if you DO NOT have insurance that we accept.

Please provide payment to the office at 423-588-9978. prior to clicking on the link below to start your Telehealth appointment.

Clinic Office Information

We are OPEN and taking new patients while also providing Telehealth Services to patients who are able to use this system Click Here for more information on our Telehealth Services

Our Fees

Our current fees, which are due in full at time of service are:

$90 for 1 week

$160 for 2 weeks

$310 for 4 weeks

Dragonfly Medical and Behavioral Health is able to accept the following forms of payment:

  • Money Order
  • Cashier's Check
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Please, no personal checks

Insurance: please click here for insurance information


Dr. Matthew Caffrey, MD, M.P.H

Substance Abuse & Primary Care

Dr. Alicia Caffrey, PhD, M.S

Psychologist and Clinical Director

Dr. Tom Reach, MD

Medical Provider

Dr. Adam Love, PsyD